środa, 20 czerwca 2012

Windy day

Sketch again. As always I used a reference photo from a magazine, but I really didn't like the face of that model :b so this face is just made up from imagination. And I didn't want to draw a camera, that's why it's left unfinished.

wtorek, 19 czerwca 2012

Do not trust what you see

That's how looked my interior cover of a sketchbook back to when I had one. And well, that was the first and the last drawing I liked myself in it. This is why it was left abandoned.

poniedziałek, 18 czerwca 2012

Scarlett Johansson

 One of my latest works, and the actual size of it... ;)
Just a few square cm to cover..
(Don't take care of that ugly house behind me, I'm moving out this Friday, luckily!)

Not in mood

Another sketch. This time in pencil. I think I need to set up a sketchbook finally and stop drawing on loose pages from an old calender :D

piątek, 15 czerwca 2012

Where is the summer?

 Some quick sunny sketches I did recently. I thought I could possibly start posting some new works on this blog 'cause it's as dead as Gobi Desert :b
Will try to post something every few days ;) Even so nobody ever visits this blog :D