poniedziałek, 10 września 2012

Untitled 49

Finally finished.

Here you can see the actual size of the work and my tools
100x90 cm
mechanic pencil 2B 0.5mm, brush, paper stump and a rubber. :)
all tools wear down really fast, I have a reserve of 10 rubbers, 120 graphite leads and 2 brushes, and believe me I have to complement them in total before starting a new work :o
I don't quite like that, because new tools don't behave at first as I want them to, I have to train them first :P and when they are finally properly prepared to draw, they use up and new tools are needed :(

About the person, whose portrait this is, I have nothing to her, I completely do not like her music, but some circumstances made me to draw her, and I enjoyed the process. Photograph was interesting and challenging, and certainly it was a good practice.

Furthermore I would like to invite you all to my exhibition in Nottingham 22nd September from 2pm until 5pm. The exhibition will run until 29th September only. 
This is one of rare occasions to see my work live.

George Thornton Art

Unit 12A
Flying Horse Walk