piątek, 20 lipca 2012

And another one

I am not lazing away! :D
These are pics from y-day, I still have approx. 5 hours before I'll go to work, so I might yet push it a little step forward ;) I received canvas 18th and even if I didn't start that day it still counts, so already 3 days passed. Planned to be done in less than 10...
Guess I'll fail but will try the hardest I can.

 God knows why I made her eyes bigger, irises to be exact, it just happened naturally ;b

Wish me luck again (;

* * *

Oh! Nearly forgot to mention... I am not into Gaga kind of music, neither in what Taylor Swift represents, although I can not say I don't like these girls cause I don't know them personally... 
I chose to draw them cause they're pretty (:

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