wtorek, 10 lipca 2012

Days are too short..

The plan to post something every day died the very next day I planned it. I could explain myself, I was moving, I had no internet access for two weeks (can you imagine two weeks without ordering a pizza!?)
Never mind, no one wants to listen no excuses.

I've been working on a new drawing. To be honest I am quite disappointed already, because I started the 1st of July with a very strict and motivated 10-day plan, and well, isn't it 11th today? And this is where I am..
..or rather where I WAS yesterday, I woke up at 4.3o a.m today so I can sit longer on it once I have a day off work today. And it was too dark to do anything... It's 6.3o and I am writing this here for myself so I don't feel I wasted the time completely while waiting for the sun.

Here is what the drawing looked like on the 7th:
I left hair 'cause they started irritating me. I decided to go for the jewelery.. and I feel like it was a suicide :D
I will post some details of the drawing and the original photograph to show why. The photo I've got is pretty poor quality so the links look like few pixels randomly put together, so I have to stretch my imagination slightly.

Oh, and it's finally time to blow the gaff and show what's the real size of the picture.. :)

I wouldn't moan sooo much if that was A4 ;)
So here you go, 100x90 cm

less than 60 days left and 5,5 same size drawings to do.

Wish me luck maybe...?

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