czwartek, 12 lipca 2012

Feels like dead...

24 hours since the last post. However not finished yet, I think there's a good approach.. I tried really hard, but died at 4 o'clock. My back pain is unbelievable and with shaking hands what I could do only, was to blow it, so I decided to have a break...

...not so bad I guess...

And this one I think I took at 2 o'clock? Don't remember really.

Now its time for me to go to work. I look like the undead, and feel not much better, to be honest :D

The night brought me a very unpleasant thought... Thought that drawing does not please me any more. It causes a lot of pain, physical and mental one; that it puts pressure on me; demands way too many sacrifices I can make.
I have to think about it. Probably it's not drawing that gives me all that, but all the rest - like my job, for instance - that leaves me no time and strength for the things I really want and enjoy to do.

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